Burning Man 2012 Tickets System: Thoughts & Issues

So the Burning Man organisers seem to’ve put forward a rather misguided new ticketing system for the 2012 event.

It’s one that I find to be both needless & inconvenient. The UK Burners’ group on Facebook have been having a field day with it, with dozens of largely negative posts appearing on the Wall within hours:

"Yes, this will lead to a serious increase in touting I suspect, as at least this year there were was no black market until after all tickets sold out, this year the black market begins immediately after the first lottery phase."
"I too am concerned about possible delays in booking flights, car/bike hire and motels for pre & post burn."
"Can we get the regional reps to voice concern over this proposed lottery system for allocating tickets? Its of particular concern to us who have to get cheap flights earlier in the year!"
"Soooo, the more you pay the greater the chance you get in? that sucks! If they know they will sell out they should abolish price tiers. that originally existed to encourage people to buy ahead, so why need it?"
"Then there’s a major flaw in the system - not the ticketing system, but the community. We have a self-policing ethos on so many levels - leave no trace, media intrusion, gifting - yet when it comes to buying tickets to an event, we lose our moral compasses? Personally I think that would be a pity."

Of course..

There’s always one post that lowers the tone, followed by the slightly tragic inevitability of the internet argument. Although to be fair the second person did have a rather good point:

"Oh balls. ‘Whiney and entitled’ roughly translating as ‘foreign and needing to buy plane tickets’?"
"It seems a bit knee-jerk considering yes it sold out…after 6 months (whiney and entitled better describes the people that still hadn’t got their shit together by end of July despite repeat warnings that ticket numbers were getting low). Sigh."